About Us

Photograph of Renee Wagner
Renee Wagner, CEO and Principal Designer

What started out over 20 years ago as a passion for jewelry that didn’t look like what everyone else was wearing has turned into a unique and inspired one of a kind jewelry business.  Along the way my husband John joined me as a business and creative partner. Together we expanded the original assortment of individually designed, crafted and assembled pieces to include a collection of distinctive jewelry featuring vintage silver and silver plated flatware.

Pieces are fashionable, functional and fun. They all share one characteristic – they are all handcrafted from our imagination, many times inspired by a vintage focal piece that we found scouring antique stores and estate sales. These “found” treasures mark the starting point to each finished piece as we begin the creative process to clean, re-imagine and repurpose each item and then incorporate the best of findings, semi-precious stones, Swarovski and Czech crystals, fine beads and fresh water pearls.

We are passionate about doing custom designs as well. If you have a specific special or heirloom item that you would like to incorporate into a piece of jewelry to commemorate an event, honor a person, or just because you love it, we can do that for you. Please visit our Custom page for details.