About Us

Renee Wagner, CEO and Principle Designer

What started out as a passion for jewelry that didn't look like what everyone else was wearing, has turned into a unique and inspired one-of-a-kind jewelry art business. Each piece is thoughtfully designed, crafted and assembled by me.


I have created four distinct collections including: Vintage, Vintage Edge, Emma Seasons and Melanie's Mix.  Each collection has its own style and personality, but all share one characteristic- they are all handcrafted from my imagination.


Pieces are fashionable, functional and fun. They are often inspired by a focal piece that I found scouring antique stores and estate sales. These treasures often require considerable inspiration as I clean, re-imagine and repurpose the found items such as vintage buttons, pins, watches, keys, you name it!


I am also passionate about doing custom designs. If you have a specific item that you would like to incorporate into a piece of jewelry to commemorate and event, honor a person, or just simply because you love it, I can do that for you.  Just send me an email at renee@reneedesignsjewelry.com or use our Contact Us page.