That Special Item

It could be a memento of your mother or father, silverware handed down from your favorite grandparent, a family heirloom locked away out of sight, or just a beautiful rhinestone broach that caught your eye one day but is seldom if ever worn. Whether to preserve the memory of someone special or to finally dust off and enjoy that old pin or baby spoon, we can help you re-imagine your treasure into a piece of distinctive wearable art.

The Process

It all starts out with a picture of your heirloom or special treasure. We then collaborate closely with each customer to fully understand their vision in creating the most meaningful piece of jewelry, jewelry that both preserve precious memories and jewelry that is just plain fun to wear. We will forward updates and design status as we proceed if requested and will send the finished piece directly to you when complete.

We begin with a piece of vintage silverware or another heirloom item.

Custom serving spoon - untouched

We cut the heirloom item into pieces that will be turned into jewelry.

Custom serving spoon 1st cut

We shape and style the pieces for the custom designed jewelry. In this example we are making two bracelets from the spoon.

Custom serving spoon after texture and bending

We finish each pieces to your custom specifications.

Custom serving spoon finished bracelets

You can start the process for this option by going to “contact us” and submitting your request and information.

The Finished Piece

A picture is worth a thousand words. Visit our Custom Gallery page to see a few before and after examples of some of our custom pieces.